• Swarm
  • Drone

Together with Eyes3Shut and Télécom Bretagne, we presented a multiview collaborative system on the MINDEF (French MoD) stand during the Paris Air Show 2015. In order to demonstrate the DGA-funded 3DC2 project, Deev developed a custom demonstration application that allows cooperative UCAV mission planning with a four-views system (threats management, target planning, air operations and satellite imagery).

Innovative and intuitive principles of controlling swarms of unmanned vehicles through mission oriented interactions handled on a tabletop. Embedded bio-inspired algorithms are based on the use of artificial pheromones and adapted to the high-level command language mostly based on gestures. Users’ feedback present a synthetic real-time indicator of the current quality of the situation assessment.


  • Télécom Bretagne
  • INRIA/Loria
  • Deev Interaction SAS
  • Funded by DGA/MRIS (REI, 2009.34.0003)