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Bye, Deev Interaction

Until 2018, I have been working within the framework of Deev Interaction SAS (a French kind of LLC) as president and sole employee. Recent changes have led me to reconsider this. Deev Interaction has been shut down, and I am now working as an independent expert/researcher.

3i & Berisuas

From the point of view of its end-users, a drone’s purpose is simply an Eye-in-the-Sky i.e. a flying platform equipped with a camera, that allows them to to see interesting things and places beyond their line of sight. From the point of view of Aviation Authorities, things are not so simple: usage of UAV (Uninhabited Air Vehicles) in the airspace is only beginning to get accepted and is closely controlled. The operators (the « pilots »), the airframes and the software must abide by regulations and be certified before being allowing flight and ultimately providing service as an Eye-in-the-Sky.